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I figured that after all of this time with me messing around on the net, it is time for me to highlight the coolest pages that I frequent on the net.  These following links are essentially my little place to stick all of the corporte stuff that most people stuff onto their main page.  Because of that their page is cluttered and very un-elegant in my eyes.  This seems to be a much more appropiate way to do this.  Anyway, here are the links:

News Sites

Google News Nice site to be able to keep up on the latest news that is going on in the world.  It has definatley replaced Slashdot.
Slashdot.org Slashdot.org was my main source of news.  I still visit it, but I have found other places to go to get info before it's posted here--usually.
Kuro5hin.org is a discussion site with a high signal to noise ratio.  It kinda reminds me of slashdot when the editors were still in college--and actually cared about the site.
Debian Planet.org Since I like Debian sooo much, it helps to keep up on news on Debian. This is probabally the best site for that, next to Debian.org itself.
SolarisCentral.org Solaris Central.  Good site to keep up with news/rumors about Sun and Solaris.
RootPrompt.org Another site that I've found myself visiting quite a bit.  Guess it's 'cause it's "nothing but UNIX."
GeekNews.org I'll keep this link here, as the maintainer has put this site on indefinite hiatus.  In case he ever brings it back, I already have a link to it.

Comics / Humor

User Friendly: the comic strip User Friendly: the comic strip is one of those cool comics. I think it's a matter of time before it catches on in the newspapers and becomes bigger than Dilbert. Click on the icon and you'll be taken to the latest strip.

General Protection Fault: GPF Comics

Yet another comic strip that I found that is based on being a geek.  Must be something about my life that I tend to read stuff like this.  If nothing else I just need to learn to draw a bit, and then start my own comic.

Something Positive

S*P is another comic that I enjoy reading, it's dark view on the world sets it apart from those on the lighter side, but it's still funny at times.  I found myself laughing at this a lot harder than I have recently at Userfriendly or GPF.
Crap I Drew On My Lunch Break
I ran across this comic via a ad at S*P.  After I read a couple I became hooked.  I can hardly say this comic is crap, it's so artistic and well, true in a lot of respects.  Read and enjoy.

Calvin & Hobbes

My favorite comic strip of all time. Calvin reminds me of me in some ways, mostly in our endless bounds on our imaginations. Way to go Bill Watterson!

Joe The Circle

Joe the Circle was an interesting comic.  It gave me ideas to draw my own comic at a former job.  Unfortunatley when I left that job the basis for that comic also went away.  Joe the Circle is being left  here in case the artist ever decides to pick it back up.  But at least the archives are on-line so peruse and get a good laugh or two.

Segfault.Org Segfault.Org was a great humor site.  Unfortunatley their server crashed and the admin never did get it back on-line.  He's got a holding page saying that it's going to be coming back, so I'll keep this here just in case. 
BadTech This was a very funny comic.  Too bad it went away.  It was a funny view of BOFH's, PHB's, and Microsoft.  Too bad it's not around anymore.  I really enjoyed reading this on a daily basis.
Dilbert Well here's a link to Dilbert. Overall a good comic and great representation on most consultants and business in general. 


Computer Stuff

Sun Microsystems Sun is in my mind one of the best hardware/software vendors out there for UNIX. They make very stable and very nice systems. Out of the commerical UNIXes that I use, this one is by far my favorite.  Of course I may be a little biased, as I used to work for them .
Debian GNU/LinuxDebian GNU/Linux Debian GNU/Linux is by far my #1 choice in Linux Distributions.  Mainly it stems from the completeness of packages and the elegance in which the packages take care of dependancies and upgrades.  I've used 3 versions of Debian thus far and have been able to easily upgrade from one version to the next without the headaches of the RedHat upgrade. 
Debian FAQ Wiki
This is the Debian IRC Channel's FAQ done in a wiki.  It has probabally the best source of info on Debian outside of the channel itself.  Usually you go here before going into the channel and asking a question.  I've found that about everything is either answered here or with the bots on the channel before having to ask a human.
OpenBSD When you think of a secure distribution of any UNIX or unix-like OS, you think of OpenBSD.  Four years without a remote hole in the default install sounds like enough reason to trust it.
RedHat Software RedHat Software, the maker of what I used to consider the best linux distribution.  It's my recommendation for newbies to linux to start with, but if you know unix/linux, then head straight for Debian and do not pass go.... :-)
Sybase The more I use their database, the more I tend to like it.  It's even better now since they support Linux... :)
Freshmeat.net I rarely go here anymore, between working with Solaris at my job and Debian at home, I have little need for the actual source code.  But it's a great site to see if something that I have a need for has been worked on already by someone.  Especially in the rare case it's not already packaged in Debian.


Misc Stuff

BOFH Server You never, know, you might encounter a situation in which you need a computer related excuse--no matter how far-fetched.  Well, this is the site for you! :)
Tom's Hardware I'll be honest, I don't visit this site much.  But when I do it's an interesting read. 

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